The Principle of Good Governance: A Study of the Implementation of ‘Algemene Beginselen Van Behoorlijk Bestuur’ in the Legal System in Indonesia
Февраль 21, 2023
Mukmin Muhammad


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This research article aims to find out the Principles of Good Governance in a study of the implementation of ‘Algemene
Beginselen van Behoorlijk Bestuur’ in the legal system in Indonesia relating to General Principles of Decent Governance
(,) which are basically rules public law that must be followed by the court in implementing positive law. These,
principles constitute a special category of. This is a special category of general legal principles and is considered a
formal source of law in administrative law where the principle of good governance is a priority. The method used by
researchers is the Research method This is carried out by conducting a literature study, a literature study is an activity
to gather information that is relevant to the topic or problem that is the object of research. Such information can be
obtained from books, thesis scientific works, dissertations, encyclopedias, the internet, and other sources. The results
showed that in carrying out all its affairs, that is any matter in the field of State Administration, the State
Administration Officer (TUN) must be guided by ABBB. Based on legal doctrine, ABBB basically has two principles, the
first is a procedural principle, and the second is a substantial principle.
Keywords: Government, decent, country, principle

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